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Issued from 2014.

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AuthorArticle titleYear, issueDownloadings count
1Sribas Goswami[Индия]Michel Foucault: Structures of Truth and Power2014, September1935
2Elizbar Elizbarashvili[Грузия]The Attempt to Overcome Time Dynamic Theory in French “Life Philosophy”2014, September1371
3Nizami M. Mamedov[Россия]Ecology and Culture of Sustainable Development2014, September1257
4Irma G. Shioshvili[Грузия]Existentialism in Japanese Philosophy2014, September1211
5Sevinj Bagirova[Азербайджан]The Objectives, Plans and Prospects Of The Cooperation Council of Turkic States2014, December1207
6Sergey A. Lebedev[Россия]Methodology of Science and Scientific Knowledge Levels2014, September1185
7Oleg E. Baksanskii[Россия], Olga G. Safonicheva[Россия]Philosophical and Methodological Principles of Inclusive Training2015, June1155
8Sergey A. Lebedev[Россия]The Positive-Dialectical Epistemological Program2014, December1154
9Вoris V. Маrkov[Россия]Philosophy of Time2014, September1131
10Gennady G. Butorin[Россия]The Content of the Categories "Norma-Pathology" and "Health-Illness" in the Context of Clinical Psychology2014, December1119

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